Our Product

We serve Dried Chopped Taro Leaves through maximum and hygienic drying so it is safe, dried Taro the ingredients come from nature which are free from chemicals and 100 percent organic and free from nicotine content.
There are 2 varieties of taro in our company that are our mainstay, they are taro kajar and taro beneng

Our Product specification :
Origin : Indonesia
Moinsture : 12-14 %
Lenght size : 0.4-0.6 cm
Quantity (month) Kajar : 5 ton/month
Quantity (month) beneng : 1 ton/month


Taro leaves are widely used throughout the Pacific Islands, and the most ubiquitous association is with Hawaii where the islands’ famous luaus are named after the Taro leaf. The celebrations began with the first Polynesian settlers who brought taro plants with them by canoe. The name luau comes from kalo which was a word used to describe the taro plant. Taro roots are commonly served at luaus in the form of poi, which is fermented taro starch that is made into a paste. The leaves are also used to wrap meats, and they are then steamed in the underground imu oven before serving.